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Care For Your Invisalign Tray | All Smiles Dental Spa

How To Care For Your Invisalign Tray | All Smiles Dental Spa

Do you Care for your Invisalign Tray, then you’re probably wondering how to take care of these clear braces. Most people complain of discoloration or smell towards the end of two to three weeks. With proper care you can prevent them. Brush your teeth and your aligner regularly,  Brush your teeth and aligner two time in a day for the best result. And also you must clean them after having your meals every day. And you must use separate brush for tooth and invisalign tray. It is better to use cold water than hot water, as it may warp the plastic of the aligners. Be sure that, you clean the out side and inside of the entire tray.Care For Your Invisalign Tray

You have to store them properly, When ever removing your Invisalign alignment trays for any reason, you should store them carefully in their storage case.To keep smells away, and improve the freshness of your aligners, you must store them in diluted antimicrobial mouthwash while you eat. It will helps to reduce the buildup of plaque and will help to improve your breath.

If your aligners are damaged, contact your dentist immediately. Do not wear your damaged trays as this will have an terrible effect on your treatment.


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