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Digital Impressions And Analog Impressions | All Smiles Dental Spa

Digital Impressions And Analog Impressions

Now, traditional laboratory methods for the purpose of improving diagnostic processes and facilitating treatment have been exchanged for more innovative and advanced techniques.

Analog impressions and digital impressions

The fact is that both Digital Impressions and Analog Impressions have list of advantages which are not easily ignored, and the decision between the two is based on the preference of particular dental professional.

Digital Impression

Digital impressions should be more patient-friendly and be completed more quickly and easily. They are taken by an intraoral scanner that is similar to a normal photo or video camera. Digital scanners can today produce high-quality video or photography and provide a clear picture of what needs to be done to improve oral health and esthetics of the patient.

Analog Impression

This method involves the use of dental stone elastic printing materials. In fact, the patient’s teeth and soft tissue are negatively imported. When prepared for placing in the mouth, the use of materials is either semi-liquid or liquid. It may take a few minutes to thicken and become an elastic solid depending on the particular material used.


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